The Keeper of Secrets



At the tender age of 13, Serafim began what would become his life work. Under the legendary master Goncalo Rodrigues dos Santos, Serafim commenced an apprenticeship and started down the road to becoming a full fledged craftsman.
Of all the varied creations produced by the master, the one that stands apart is one award-winning chair which reached its peak in the late 60’s, but in fact was designed in secretly since the 1940’s.

Master Serafim, who at the time was already the right hand man of the his mentor, was the only one who knew the initial plans and process behind the design of the chair. This showed a total confidence and trust of Master Gonçalo for Serafim, as well as a strong link between the two skilled craftsmen.

The Faithfull

Keeper of secrets

Today, at 83 years of age, Master Serafim is the living memory and faithful keeper of a secret that has become an icon of Portuguese design. It is with an almost parental pride that he watches the rebirth of his chair, with the name: Portuguese ROOTS Chair brought by the hands of designer Alexandre Caldas to AROUNDtheTREE.

We, through his memory and life spent next to a visionary design master, have the possibility and the duty to tell this emblematic story of a Portuguese design, bringing back the best of our art.

Master Serafim