Portuguese Roots Chair is
a brand of AROUNDtheTREE


Traditions & Heritage

PORTUGUESE ROOTS Chair is an ambitious project of a team who believe in the values of cultural and Portuguese traditions, giving them a new interpretation through the design of this unique piece. The main legacy is the family connection of this team is one of the greatest icons of Portuguese design of the 50’s, which still remains the main image in Portuguese emblematic outdoor spaces- the BICA chair.

No less important is the cultural heritage and passion of this young team. The industry’s treatment of cork and wood combine advanced technology with ancient methods, all with the purpose of sourcing the exclusive materials. These two heritages make the PORTUGUES ROOTS CHAIR an original brand that is distinguished for having the perfect combination of design, quality and a friendly impact on the enviorment.

The Design

That comes naturally

The design of this chair came naturally because of the historic connection to its designer. There are stories passed through generations that often serve as a spark to create something extraordinary.

The Portuguese Roots chair was like thas, a Master with an extraordinary story to tell, a good listener who knew how to rewrite it and a talented young woman who fell in love with it and spread the word Around the World.

Not just a brand

The Believers

When you find a good idea, you always need someone who believes in it to make it work. So what more can we ask, when the believers are the ones who came up with the idea?

The Portuguese Roots Chair was made of true believers, Soraia Rangel with proven experience in Marketing and Advertising and Alexandre Caldas with 25 years of experience in furniture industry . Is this know-how and the love for stories , that causes the rise of this chair in a most sustainable way.

With the drive and the respect we have for nature, our goal is to embrace the Portuguese traditions and culture. For us PORTUGUESE ROOTS CHAIR is not just a brand, but a badge we wear with honor. And we want to continue to believe that this love and respect are the foundations that allow us to innovate and always give the best of ourselves to our customers.

Our Values

We take pride in every detail and we are trully passionate in all we do. Those are our guideline at all times when building this dream chair to a client.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make the PORTUGUESE ROOTS CHAIR Design become a reference brand AROUNDtheWORLD.

Our Goal

To create a timeless piece of art built to last trough generations .